Recruit My Friends is a leader for Gen Y Engineering recruiting, specialized in new and recent graduate engineers with 1-10 years of experience.

RMF utilizes an embedded network of top performers across North America with hubs in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Boston, Seattle and Silicon Valley.

We also represents senior managers, directors and executive level individuals who are interested in joining high-growth companies.

RMF captures the power of referrals, by employing engineers who refer their colleagues, classmates, past managers and friends.

If you have friends that are top performers, you can refer them to RMF and collect rewards as they get jobs! To refer them, click on the button below and CC them. A Recruit My Friends Talent Manager will follow up with them.

Types of Jobs Available
(Junior, Intermediate and Senior)

Recruit My Friends represents top engineers from across North America to help them find great jobs working with the best managers at the coolest companies!

The RMF team is comprised of engineers who work as Talent Managers to the top Engineers. Without headhunting or using professional recruiters, RMF has grown virally and organically to thousands of engineers from across North America.

About the founder

Jackie Lee graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2006, and obtained an Honours Science Degree with a minor in Psychology. She was a member of the Women・s Varsity Tennis team and was a student fundraiser, raising over $1 Million dollars for the University. Jackie was an early executive of the Impact Entrepreneurship Group which is Canada・s fastest growing, student-run entrepreneurship organization with offices in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. In 2005, she was awarded the President Circle・s Award and now sits on the 16 member Alumni Council for the University of Waterloo. In 2009, Jackie was awarded the UW Young Alumni Award.

More about Jackie

Jackie・s true passion lies in software. She has been working on a software start-up called My Dream Closet which aims to fuse the worlds of Fashion & Technology. Focusing on the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) movement, My Dream Closet will allow you to purchase clothes you see during television shows by using your remote control. The My Dream Closet team is currently 5 people, all UW alumni from Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

Recruit My Friends aims to provide candidates with a sounding board for advice, connections to growing companies and direction for career aspirations.

Your personal growth and career aspirations are our highest priority. We will never sell you on a company or :open job; that will not provide you with an accelerated learning opportunity. We represent you like a sports agent would represent an athlete, to the top managers at our clients companies. We help you decide which types of companies you・d like to work at and which types of managers you・d like to work with. Our services to candidates are free.

Unlike most recruiters and agencies, we know multiple technical individuals within a company from entry level positions to top executives. For each of our companies, we・ve conducted a Triple I Assessment that gives us an in-depth overview of the companies best managers and coolest job opportunities. When representing you, we ensure that your resume is going to a Senior Technical Manager or Executive. Our goal is to give you an in-depth overview of the management team and insight into numerous companies for you to consider. One-third of the candidates who accept jobs through Recruit My Friends had their jobs created meaning that there wasn・t a job posting for their role and no one was occupying their role before them.

We will help you prepare your resume as each company has preferences as to what it contains and how it is formatted. We・ll also help you negotiate your salaries, bonuses and if applicable, options package.

If you would like to apply to be represented by Recruit My Friends, contact us at or fill out the application form.

We will contact you to set up a 30-minute phone call with one of our Talent Managers.

Your resume and all personal information is confidential and will not be shared with any individuals or companies without your consent.


Types of Jobs


1. Why is Jackie Lee Talent Management different from other recruiting companies?

We provide superb services by implementing our Triple I process to represent companies accurately and provide thorough company overviews to candidates.

If you are just about to start your full-time career or looking for a career change, we recognize that this can be a daunting task, often leaving you overwhelmed, unsure of how this important decision will affect your life, and unsure of appropriate steps to take.

Many individuals like yourself are underserviced, and inappropriately matched to a company to fill a recruiters open positions. Our team helps you identify your career aspirations, and connects you to only the companies that can help you meet those aspirations. We act as a sounding board and provide you with our experience working in your desired industry, along with connections to great companies and great individuals that can help you grow throughout your career.

For our clients, we provide an effective way to gain exposure to the target market of individuals that are ideal for the organization. Because we represent candidates that were referred to us by a one degree connection, we are able to give insight as to who referred them, and why they were referred. With a back-ended fee only, we ensure that results are shown before any payment is made. We also implement a flat-fee payment structure for junior positions to make it easier to project your cost to hire.

For both candidates and companies, our pledge is to never sell you on the wrong match, even at the financial loss to our company. It is through this philosophy and standard that we have grown virally and without the need to head-hunt.

2. How does Jackie Lee Talent Management represent me?

We represent you by introducing you to clients that could provide opportunities that match your career goals. We do not guarantee placements, but rather aid you in your search. There is no fee for our service, and we pledge to never sell you on the wrong company.

In a 30 minute phone call, we discuss your career aspirations, to assess whether we have any clients or connections that can help you obtain your career goals.

If you are chosen for representation, we will even help you approach a company that is not already a client of ours, as our goal is to assist you explore opportunities in any way possible. For our existing clients, we will represent you to the Senior Technical Managers or Executives at the companies of your choice.

3. If I am interested in being represented what are the next steps?

The next step is for us to set up a 30 minute phone call to determine how we can help you and if we have any immediate opportunities that align with your career aspirations. If you would like to set up a time to chat, please fill out the quick and simple form here.

During the phone call, we will determine if we have any connections and/or direct matches with our current clients. We will have you sign a Candidate Agreement form before sending your resume on to a client, and once you・ve signed it, we will introduce you to the appropriate personnel at our clients to start the interview process.

4. Is there any fee for candidates to be represented by Jackie Lee Talent Management?
5. Can I receive help on my resume and interview skills?
Yes. If we represent you, we will help you fine-tune your resume before sending onto any of our clients. We will also administer career coaching and connect you to mentors when appropriate.

Recruit My Friends works on a back-ended fee only. We guarantee that results are made before any payment is made. We provide a flat-rate fee for junior positions, making it easier to project the cost to hire. Our services can help you cut down your recruitment costs and time to hire by providing effective target marketing through our embedded network of friends. We identify those individuals within your target market that have career aspirations that align with your company・s goals.

We are not your traditional recruiting company that sends you lots of resumes for one open position. We have a more intimate relationship with our candidates that were referred by their friends, colleagues and past managers that are engineers themselves. We will send you only appropriate candidates that we have deemed a proper fit by our Engineering Talent Managers, leaving you with less administrative work and more accurate results. We select appropriate candidates based on our Integrated Informational Interview (Triple I) process that we administer to you when we first engage with your company. This Triple I process allows us to gain an accurate picture of the key individuals in your organization and best represent you to your selected target market.

Recruit My Friends prides itself on helping companies identify their ideal candidates to assist proper growth with a focus on sustainability, and long term effectiveness, rather than immediate short run, payoff by "filling" positions.

To speak with a Recruit My Friends representative, contact us at or 416-214-3449. We look forward to helping you grow your company!


Triple I Process

Most third party recruiters are non-technical individuals. Due to their lack of work in a technical capacity, this leaves their capabilities limited. Recruit My Friends is enthused to offer you Talent Managers that have actually worked in a technical capacity in your industry!

With a recent survey of our clients, a third party recruiter usually maintained contact with only one person at the company V the HR Manager. Recruit My Friends takes a more hands-on approach with all clients V administering informational interviews with at least one individual from each of the following categories:

  • CEO, CTO and any other executive involved in the recruitment decisions
  • Middle-tier management that have grown with the company and help execute the company・s growth strategies
  • Personnel that the candidates will report to
  • At least one new graduate that joined the companies within the last year, and 2 recent graduates that have been with the company since graduating and are on different career paths
  • HR-related staff that will assist in coordinating the interview process

These integrated information interviews enable us to communicate an accurate overview to our top talent. By administering quick and efficient informational interviews to key individuals in your organization, we can determine which Managers and teams can effectively attract and retain top talent. Through the Triple I process, we are able to gain an in-depth overview of the company encompassing the history and culture, executive and management teams, different career paths an individual can grow into, the company・s growth goals, and skill sets needed in future candidates to grow the company properly.



TOTTs is the most prestigious category of candidates that Recruit My Friends represents. TOTT stands for "Top-of-the-Top" candidates, which are individuals that have achieved levels of excellence in numerous areas of their life.

Each individual has numerous significant accomplishments, a high level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ- Emotional Quotient) and extraordinary references. TOTT Candidates are usually highly satisfied with their current roles, and are the hardest market to attract to your company because they are highly coveted in their current organizations. TOTT Candidates are known to effectively craft situations in their favour, create limitless possibilities for companies that can effectively encompass their level of talent, and need constant recognition and new challenging opportunities.

They significantly change the directions and results of teams and companies, and are the most desirable individuals known to just "get things done". To learn more about our TOTT Candidates, please contact us at Currently 90% or more of our TOTT Candidates are located in the US, and are Canadian trained engineers and computer scientists.

"The first major hurdle after graduation is finding a job. Not just any job, but the perfect job. One that matches each and every one of your expectations and starts you on the career path of your choice. My idea of the perfect job was working in a small software company giving me more responsibility. Young, dynamic, and challenging were just a few of the requirements I had for the work environment. I was also specific about my salary expectations. Recruit My Friends was able to cater numerous prospective companies and jobs exactly to my specifications. I filtered the list to my liking and interviewed with the prospective employers. After each interview, Recruit My Friends talked with the employer and provided me with feedback that I would not normally get. I was able to take this feedback and improve myself for future interviews. After a number of interviews, I pursued a job within the mobile industry. After being in this job since mid 2008, I can say that Recruit My Friends found the perfect job for me."

Imraan D.

Imraan D.
Computer Engineering Grad
Software Developer,
Mobile Company

"Without Jackie Lee and team, I would not have found this fortunate management position I find myself in today. As my business agent, I was given the insight, preparation, and skill training necessary to interview for a job with nation-wide responsibilities. The team promoted my abilities beforehand to the company, providing me with a positive head start for my interviews. Thank you to Jackie Lee and team."

Noah B.

Noah B.
Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship,
and Technology Grad

Product Manager,
fast-growth Medical & Health Care Company

"Working with Jackie and Recruit My Friends was a great experience. Having recently moved from Vancouver to Toronto I was concerned that I wouldn・t have the professional network to help with my job search. Jackie took care of that, introducing me to numerous executives and senior managers who were looking for good people with my skill set which ultimately helped me to secure several interviews at numerous companies. Her intimate knowledge of the industry and the companies she represents coupled with her guidance and support made interview preparation a snap. Once I received an offer she helped forge my negotiation strategy to ensure I didn・t leave any money on the table."

Grant M.

Grant M.
Executive MBA &
Computer Science Grad

Product Manager,
fast-growth Digital Media Company

"I have found Recruit My Friends to have the perfect balance of professionalism, ambition, and integrity. I have over a decade of experience in partnering with recruiting agencies and I have no issue with recommending Recruit My Friends to anyone looking to hire quality resources or to anyone who is interested in dynamic roles in exciting industries. They have my full faith and I plan to have a long, rewarding relationship for years to come."

Jason S.

Jason S.
Business Administration &
Information Systems Grad

VP Operations & Business Development,
fast-growth Mobile Company

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